Vandalism Notice


This morning, the Village became aware of vandalism at an unoccupied property, this vandalism was of a racist nature. We will not give credence to this by sharing a photograph. It is deeply disturbing that this has occurred within proximity to our community, we believe we are better than this. Stamford tends to come together in times of crisis. As proud Americans the words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” should hold meaning, they do for the Stamford Village Mayor, and the Stamford Village Board of Trustees condemns such actions; and we ask residents to come together at this time in making it clear that we as a community do not support racial prejudice, nor will we tolerate racist actions; because our community is better than this.

Pool Press Release

Press release, For immediate release.

02 June, 2020

From:  The Mayor’s office, Village of Stamford NY

The Mayor and Trustees of the Village of Stamford are pleased to announce that the process for the replacement of the Village Pool has begun. The current Village pool which opened in the summer of 1959 has reached the end of its serviceable life and will be closed and filled in. The new Village Pool will be located behind the Churchill Library in the space currently occupied by the Little League Field. The location of the current pool is unsuitable due to an abundance of ground water at that site. Older Village residents will recall that this site had been a pond used for swimming more than a half century ago. The Little League field will be relocated to the site of the old pool if space allows otherwise it will be moved to Archibald Field.

Design work for the new pool and pool house has been completed by K & K Gunite of Delanson NY and the project will go out to bid this month. This project is made possible by a very generous gift from The Robinson Broadhurst Foundation. The total cost of the new pool is expected to be approximately 1.5 million. When dedicated the new pool will be named “The Robinson Broadhurst Memorial Pool” in honor of the Robinson Broadhurst family whose generosity and foresight have provided so much to our village.

In addition to the pool project the Robinson Broadhurst Foundation has approved several other grant requests made by the village that include: Additional funding to address bighted buildings, Oil and Stone for village streets, Architectural design work for the Village Hall, Rexmere Park and the Kelsey house, Software upgrades for the DPW and summer employment for a portion of the lifeguards displaced by Covid-19.

The next 24 months will be very busy in our village. Three large projects will be underway simultaneously. Sidewalk and lighting replacement along Main and Harper Streets, Phase two of the water infrastructure project involving West Main, Lake and River Streets, The new municipal pool and replacement of the bridge/culvert on South Street. Together these projects represent a multi-million-dollar investment in our community.

As we move out of the Covid-19 quarantine the village will be continuing with numerous initiatives that were started last year. The Mayor and Trustees are very optimistic about the future of our village and there is an expectation of great things ahead.

Robert J. Schneider


Delaware County has agreed to provide a temporary bridge to the Village of Stamford

Delaware County has agreed to provide a temporary bridge to the Village of Stamford so that we may open South Street to vehicular traffic (with a weight limit). The Covid-19 crisis has pushed all county projects into the future so this temporary measure will get the street open to through traffic once more. The temporary bridge is scheduled to be installed on Monday April 27th.

– Robert Schneider

SVIA Notice

During this difficult time, SVIA will not be mailing a Spring Donation
letter. We have enough funds at this time to purchase flowers and
supplies to plant flower barrels. We will plant flowers to the best of
our ability while keeping our members and the community safe. If
anyone would still like to send a donation, please mail it to: SVIA
P.O. Box 44, Stamford, NY 12167.

Thank you for your continued support.

Meeting Notice

The Village of Stamford will be having our regular trustees meeting and our public hearing for approval of the annual Village budget on Tuesday April 21st via Zoom. We will start with the public hearing at 6:30pm. Any questions about the budget must be submitted to the Treasurer ( in writing ahead of the meeting.

the budget has been available for review for the past several weeks.

The monthly trustees meeting will follow immediately beginning with the public forum. We will continue to an abbreviated agenda with just two agenda items.

Please email John Mark Bray,, for instructions to join the meeting.

From the Governor

The Governor’s office has directed that all Village elections previously postponed until April 28th have now been postponed indefinitely. Those currently serving will remain in office until a new election date has been set. We await further information from Abany.

Notice from Mayor Robert Schneider

The President and Governor have extended the social distancing period to the end of April. The Stamford Village Hall will remain closed for this time with the Clerk and Treasurer working from home. The Mayor and Trustees have been having informal meetings to keep each other informed of new directives as well as issues in the Village that require our attention. There have been reports of some minor vandalism around town as well as some codes complaints all of which we are doing our best to address. Closed circuit cameras are going to be installed at The Cold Spring wetlands and it is our hope that these cameras will discourage further vandalism of the bridges there. These cameras will feed directly to all Village cell phones so can be closely monitored. Our newsletter went out today and primarily represents the pre Covid 19 time in the Village. the Mayor and Trustees will continue to monitor the situation in the Village and will post updates as needed here. Everyone’s patience and cooperation has been extremely helpful as we navigate through this crisis.

Mayor: Additional Directives from the Governor’s Office

The Village has received additional directives from the Governor’s office, as of today we are limiting the Village crew to just one full time man, all other employees have been sent home. The crew can be called back at a moment’s notice should there be an emergency  (this is acceptable within the guidance). The Trustees, Mayor and Superintendent of Public Works are in regular communication. An emergency meeting of the Trustees was held this morning and all Village accounting and procedures are up to date. Both the minutes of this meeting and an audio recording will be available to the public once processed by the Village Clerk.

Robert J. Schneider,  Mayor

Notice from the Mayor: Reducing the Village Crew

The Village of Stamford has received new guidance from the Governor’s office. Beginning today we will be reducing the Village crew to just two men and the Supervisor. The rest of the crew must stay home but they are available at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency.

We will be keeping a close eye on the Village and we have the ability to increase our manpower if necessary or “essential” according to this latest directive.

Robert J. Schneider, Mayor