Notice from Mayor Robert Schneider

The President and Governor have extended the social distancing period to the end of April. The Stamford Village Hall will remain closed for this time with the Clerk and Treasurer working from home. The Mayor and Trustees have been having informal meetings to keep each other informed of new directives as well as issues in the Village that require our attention. There have been reports of some minor vandalism around town as well as some codes complaints all of which we are doing our best to address. Closed circuit cameras are going to be installed at The Cold Spring wetlands and it is our hope that these cameras will discourage further vandalism of the bridges there. These cameras will feed directly to all Village cell phones so can be closely monitored. Our newsletter went out today and primarily represents the pre Covid 19 time in the Village. the Mayor and Trustees will continue to monitor the situation in the Village and will post updates as needed here. Everyone’s patience and cooperation has been extremely helpful as we navigate through this crisis.

Mayor: Additional Directives from the Governor’s Office

The Village has received additional directives from the Governor’s office, as of today we are limiting the Village crew to just one full time man, all other employees have been sent home. The crew can be called back at a moment’s notice should there be an emergency  (this is acceptable within the guidance). The Trustees, Mayor and Superintendent of Public Works are in regular communication. An emergency meeting of the Trustees was held this morning and all Village accounting and procedures are up to date. Both the minutes of this meeting and an audio recording will be available to the public once processed by the Village Clerk.

Robert J. Schneider,  Mayor

Notice from the Mayor: Reducing the Village Crew

The Village of Stamford has received new guidance from the Governor’s office. Beginning today we will be reducing the Village crew to just two men and the Supervisor. The rest of the crew must stay home but they are available at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency.

We will be keeping a close eye on the Village and we have the ability to increase our manpower if necessary or “essential” according to this latest directive.

Robert J. Schneider, Mayor

Statement from the Mayor

The Village of Stamford together with all municipalities across New York state has had to interpret, and do their best to comply with numerous executive orders and directives arriving from the Governor’s office beginning late last week. The Mayor and Trustees have met on several occasions in order to review these instructions and do our best to comply. We made adjustments to the capacity of the Village Hall in order to accommodate our monthly Trustees meeting and were directed to cancel only hours later. The Village had made specific preparations for our upcoming election only to get a directive from Albany that all Village elections had been postponed. Finally on Friday, after another meeting of the Trustees, we decided to close the Village Hall indefinitely as the quickly changing instructions compelled us to do. We were able to make arrangements for the Clerk and Treasurer to work remotely from home, they are both set up and doing so now. The Village crew has been spread out to comply with social distancing requirements, (one man in a truck) and Village Hall services are limited to essentials only.  The Mayor will be in the office for a couple of hours each day and the crew will continue to be working full time. Any correspondence may be left in the drop box at the Village Hall. Payments may be mailed or made remotely via the Villages website, the clerk can still be reached by email,, or by the villages cell phone, 607 201 3621. As of this writing the Village is in compliance with all of the Governors guidance, we will continue to function and barring any emergencies everything should continue to run smoothly. We will make needed adjustments should new guidance call for it and post updates on the Village website and social media.The Trustees, Mayor and Village employees want to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation. 

Robert J. Schneider, Village Mayor

Notice from the Mayor

Upon review of additional guidance from the Governor’s office the Trustees and Mayor decided to close the Village offices indefinitely. Several surrounding Villages made this same decision today. We have arranged for the Village Clerk and the Village Treasurer to work remotely from home. All emails will be answered and any payments or correspondence can be left in the drop box at the Village Hall.  We will continue to do the Villages Business and reopen the Village Hall as soon as possible.
Please use the Village Clerk’s cell number in the interim at 607-201-3621.
Thank you for your cooperation during this unique situation.

Robert J. Schneider, Mayor

Public Assembly Notice from the Mayor & Governor

The Village of Stamford has received additional Public Assembly. All assembly is discouraged and to be limited to ten people or less. The Trustees held an emergency meeting at The Village hall this morning to decide how to comply with this directive as well as a guidance from Monday asking that all municipalities do what they can to reduce their workforce by 50% or limit it to essential employees only. To comply with these directives the Trustees made the following decisions:

The monthly meeting scheduled for this evening together with the budget workshop has been canceled. This meeting will not be rescheduled

The Trustees will schedule an additional emergency meeting for sometime on Friday in order to review the budget and pass the abstract together with other urgent Village business.

The Village Hall will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9AM to 4PM until the Governor’s directive is lifted. 

The Trustees and Mayor are doing what we can to keep up with a situation that changes hourly. We ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation in this most troubling time.

Robert J. Schneider, Mayor

Notice from the Mayor: Village Meeting Guidelines

The Village has received guidance from The Governor’s office and the Delaware County Board of Health, regarding Village meetings and Village elections. All meetings that do not involve Village governance have been cancelled. Our Village Hall’s meeting capacity has been cut by 50% and additionally those in attendance must maintain a 6′ circumference of “Social Distancing”.  As of noon on Monday, we plan on having both the regular Board of Trustee’s meeting and the Village Election.  We have set the meeting room up per our guidance from Albany and will have room for just three spectators in addition to Trustees, Committee and department heads.  The Trustees must meet to adopt our monthly abstract in order to pay the Villages bills. If we receive additional guidance from Albany we will immediately post it.

Mayor Robert Schneider

Meeting Scheduled for 7 pm Tonight (March 16) is Canceled

Momentum to ensure the safety of individuals has increased dramatically over the weekend. We have a diverse group of individuals with great ideas and a desire to move Stamford green spaces forward. This diversity also includes a variety of health and public interaction.

As a result, the meeting scheduled for 7 pm tonight (March 16) is canceled.

The work of the Parks and Recreation Planning Group is critical, so we have shifted the coordination of this program to email and phone calls. The group has four teams who are focusing on Rexmere Park, Mase Cold Spring Wetlands, Archibald Field/Old Stamford Dump, and Utsayantha Mountaintop Park. We are consolidating a summary of proposed actions and make the summary document available at Village Hall. The group is continuing to work and develop a plan for efforts in 2020 and 2021.

The members of the Parks and Recreation Planning Group are:

Aree Bray

Jim Kopp

Douglas Clarke

Troy Selvaratnam

Peter Pioppo

Christina Ricciardelli

Leeman Markee

Pat Heath

Ulla Wadner

Liz Page

John Toroni

John Mark Bray

The next opportunity to hold a face to face meeting will include an invite for the community to attend. The ideas coming out this Planning Group will provide increased volunteer opportunities for the residents of the Stamford region.

Thanks to all the members of the Parks and Recreation Planning Group for your energy and willingness to serve!

Also The Stamford LFA meeting on March 26th has been postponed indefinitely.