Drinking Water available for Village Residents

The Village of Stamford will be providing drinking water to village residents tomorrow Thursday December 9th. The time and place of distribution of the water will be made available tomorrow on the Village of Stamford website www.stamfordny.com . Please check back to the Village’s website and thank you for your understanding!

Village of Stamford State of Emergency

The Mayor and Trustees of the Village of Stamford have declared a state of emergency due to a major water line break. The water line has been repaired and the system is recharging. It is unkown how long the system will take to recharge due to air in the system. As water returns to the system a boil water advisory is in effect until further notice. 

Attention! Working on potable water delivery.

The Mayor is in contact with Delaware County Emergency Services to have potable water delivered to the Village. We will make everyone aware of the time and place when it is delivered.

Leaf pick up will continue

The Village Crew will continue to pick up leaves with the leaf vacuum until there is an accumulated snow fall. The crew will try to come around daily to collect your leaves.