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Help wanted - Village Treasurer

The Village of Stamford is accepting applications for Village Treasurer. The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer, maintains custody of all funds, keeps account receipts and expenditures, and is the authorized signatory of checks. Responsibilities but are not limited to:  filing an annual financial statement of revenues, expenditures, and outstanding indebtedness, Payroll, Revenue Reconciliations, Bank Reconciliations, Annual Update Document to State, Audit Preparation, and Budget Preparation, and aid the clerk with vital records and receipt of payments. Associate’s Degree in accounting Bachelor's Degree preferred. 2 years of accounting experience preferred.  Must be a resident of Delaware County. Applications available online at www.stamfordny.com or at the Stamford Village Hall.  Submit applications to 84 Main St. Stamford, NY 12167. Salary commensurate with experience.  Deadline for applications and resumes April 15, 2019.

Village Employment Application