Meeting Scheduled for 7 pm Tonight (March 16) is Canceled

Momentum to ensure the safety of individuals has increased dramatically over the weekend. We have a diverse group of individuals with great ideas and a desire to move Stamford green spaces forward. This diversity also includes a variety of health and public interaction.

As a result, the meeting scheduled for 7 pm tonight (March 16) is canceled.

The work of the Parks and Recreation Planning Group is critical, so we have shifted the coordination of this program to email and phone calls. The group has four teams who are focusing on Rexmere Park, Mase Cold Spring Wetlands, Archibald Field/Old Stamford Dump, and Utsayantha Mountaintop Park. We are consolidating a summary of proposed actions and make the summary document available at Village Hall. The group is continuing to work and develop a plan for efforts in 2020 and 2021.

The members of the Parks and Recreation Planning Group are:

Aree Bray

Jim Kopp

Douglas Clarke

Troy Selvaratnam

Peter Pioppo

Christina Ricciardelli

Leeman Markee

Pat Heath

Ulla Wadner

Liz Page

John Toroni

John Mark Bray

The next opportunity to hold a face to face meeting will include an invite for the community to attend. The ideas coming out this Planning Group will provide increased volunteer opportunities for the residents of the Stamford region.

Thanks to all the members of the Parks and Recreation Planning Group for your energy and willingness to serve!

Also The Stamford LFA meeting on March 26th has been postponed indefinitely.