Notice from Mayor Robert Schneider

The President and Governor have extended the social distancing period to the end of April. The Stamford Village Hall will remain closed for this time with the Clerk and Treasurer working from home. The Mayor and Trustees have been having informal meetings to keep each other informed of new directives as well as issues in the Village that require our attention. There have been reports of some minor vandalism around town as well as some codes complaints all of which we are doing our best to address. Closed circuit cameras are going to be installed at The Cold Spring wetlands and it is our hope that these cameras will discourage further vandalism of the bridges there. These cameras will feed directly to all Village cell phones so can be closely monitored. Our newsletter went out today and primarily represents the pre Covid 19 time in the Village. the Mayor and Trustees will continue to monitor the situation in the Village and will post updates as needed here. Everyone’s patience and cooperation has been extremely helpful as we navigate through this crisis.