Statement from the Mayor

The Village of Stamford together with all municipalities across New York state has had to interpret, and do their best to comply with numerous executive orders and directives arriving from the Governor’s office beginning late last week. The Mayor and Trustees have met on several occasions in order to review these instructions and do our best to comply. We made adjustments to the capacity of the Village Hall in order to accommodate our monthly Trustees meeting and were directed to cancel only hours later. The Village had made specific preparations for our upcoming election only to get a directive from Albany that all Village elections had been postponed. Finally on Friday, after another meeting of the Trustees, we decided to close the Village Hall indefinitely as the quickly changing instructions compelled us to do. We were able to make arrangements for the Clerk and Treasurer to work remotely from home, they are both set up and doing so now. The Village crew has been spread out to comply with social distancing requirements, (one man in a truck) and Village Hall services are limited to essentials only.  The Mayor will be in the office for a couple of hours each day and the crew will continue to be working full time. Any correspondence may be left in the drop box at the Village Hall. Payments may be mailed or made remotely via the Villages website, the clerk can still be reached by email, [email protected], or by the villages cell phone, 607 201 3621. As of this writing the Village is in compliance with all of the Governors guidance, we will continue to function and barring any emergencies everything should continue to run smoothly. We will make needed adjustments should new guidance call for it and post updates on the Village website and social media.The Trustees, Mayor and Village employees want to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation. 

Robert J. Schneider, Village Mayor