Clock News

As of Noon on June 5th 2020 the Village Hall Tower Clock has begun tolling the hours once again. The Historic E. Howard & Co of Boston Tower Clock was installed in the Village Hall in 1910 as a memorial to Mr. Edward Johnson. After many years of silence, a group of Stamford citizens raised the funds necessary to restore and electrify the clock, this was back in 1982. Robert Dee, a tower clock expert that happens to live in Delhi, examined the clock last fall and determined that the striking mechanism could be repaired with the replacement of a worn part.  Mr. Dee machined and installed his new part and adjusted the clock so it is now striking out the hours on a one-ton bronze bell located directly above the clock in the louvered section of the tower.

This is a fitting time to revive our village timepiece as the fire department has discontinued the noon whistle due to the cost of electricity. Mr. Dee is able to keep track of the clock’s accuracy remotely.

Village Mayor