Flag Day Postponed

The Village of Stamford
The Stamford Volunteer Fire department 04 June 2020

In a joint decision the Village of Stamford and The Stamford Volunteer Fire department have postponed the 2020 Flag Day Parade scheduled for Sunday evening June 14th to a future date to be announced.

It was briefly determined that the parade would be manageable with care being taken to follow the Governors guidelines laid out in executive order 202.33. After conversations with the Delaware County Board of Health and other state agencies it became apparent that having the Parade on June 14th would be impossible.

Village government finds itself on the front line in interpreting and employing guidance from Albany. While adding another disappointment for those anticipating a cherished summer event, it was decided that erring on the side of caution was the most prudent route to take. The fire department plans to reschedule the parade for some time later in the summer provided directives available at that time can be followed.

Both The Village of Stamford and The Stamford Volunteer Fire Department would like to commend our citizens for their patience and understanding. So many sacrifices have been required of our residents and it is due to their cooperation that we have had so few cases of Covid-19 in our communities.

Robert J. Schneider & A.J. Vamosy
Mayor, Village of Stamford Chief, Stamford Volunteer Fire Department